Can sheep eat apples

Can Sheep Eat Apples?

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The nutritional value of apples is undeniable for both sheep and humans. This delicious fruit is beneficial to your body’s health and functionality. However, the most critical question that comes with it is whether animals can also benefit from its nutrients as humans. 

Can sheep eat apples? Yes, sheep can consume apples as they are beneficial to them and other animals too. Apples are delicious, juicy, and nutritious; your sheep will enjoy eating them. In addition, they have multiple health benefits for your sheep, including balancing their stomach pH. 

In this article, we will look at whether apples are beneficial to your sheep and their nutritional value to retain your sheep’s well-being and health. 

Can sheep eat apples

Can Sheep Eat Apples?

While sheep are herbivores and their primary food source is grass and pasture, you can give them apples as treats in moderate amounts.

They can eat apples like other healthy and natural fruits and vegetables. But it is vital to control the portion they eat and understand its effects on your sheep. 

If you have to feed apples to your sheep, ensure you cut them into small pieces before giving them.

Don’t let the sheep eat the apple seeds as they can be harmful. You should watch the number of apples your sheep eat, which means you shouldn’t let them eat the apples from the apple trees in your compound. 

How to Prepare Apples for Your Sheep

Before feeding apples to your sheep, here are simple steps to prepare the apples.

Wash the Skin of the Apple Thoroughly

Storebought apples are often covered in paint or wax layers to make them retain their fresh look.

The first step before feeding the apples to your sheep is to wash them thoroughly. You can soak the apples in warm water for one hour to eliminate all toxins. 

Chop the Apples into Tiny Pieces

Do not give your sheep whole apples to avoid choking hazards. Instead, cut the apples into tiny pieces before feeding them for easy chewing.

Alternatively, you can shred the apples to make the portions tiny and easy to get to their mouth and prevent choking. 

Remove the Apple Seeds

Do not forget to get rid of the apple seeds. This is crucial as apple seeds can harm or make your sheep sick. 

Why It’s Important To Feed Your Sheep Small Amounts Of Apple

While feeding a large number of apples to your sheep is harmful, a moderated number in its daily meal can have several nutritional benefits. The apple skin is rich in potassium, fiber, and other nutrients and vitamins that improve your sheep’s health, growth, and functionality.

If you decide to include apples in the sheep’s daily meal, ensure you cut them into small pieces and eliminate all the seeds as they are poisonous to your sheep. Apple seeds contain small amounts of cyanide chemical.

Feed the apples to your sheep in the middle of the day to avoid interfering with their regular grazing.

When feeding your sheep the apples for the first time, ensure you introduce them gradually and watch whether they act differently after that.

Keep the number of apples your feed your sheep minimal as too much of it can cause health issues like gastrointestinal gasses and blockage that can be painful to your sheep.

The sheep can also suffer bowel disturbances or Acidosis as the apples contain too much sugar. This condition might be dangerous to your sheep, and in some cases, it may lead to the death of your flock. 

What are the Nutritional Benefits of Apples To Your Sheep?

Apples are a great source of nutrients like minerals and vitamins. Below are some health benefits of feeding apples to your sheep flock.

,can sheep eat fallen apples


This is the main mineral in apples and it helps maintain your sheep’s electrolyte balance.

The mineral is also vital in bacterial fermentation in the rumen. Potassium is also believed to facilitate the absorption of calcium and magnesium in sheep.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C supports the sheep’s immunity and prevents hepatic lesion development. It also prevents heat stress and helps fight toxin effects in your sheep. 

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is needed by sheep for different body functions. Some of these include general growth and development, fertility, night vision and immunity.

Lambs are often born with low Vitamin A levels and rely on colostrum until they are able to get Vitamin A from their diet. That’s why feeding sheep a daily number of apples is good for their general growth.


Magnesium helps ensure the sheep retains a usual feeding habit. It also helps with milk production, lambing, and stress. 


Apples also have a significant amount of fiber that’s important for gut health, encouraging gut bacteria growth, aiding digestion, and helping ease bowel movements. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Feeding Apples to Your Sheep

Can Sheep Eat Too Many Apples?

Sheep enjoy eating apples, but this doesn’t mean they should eat many apples; it can lead to painful bloating. It is essential to feed your sheep a moderate number of apples that are safe for them. 

The correct apple portion to include in your sheep’s diet is 10% to 20%. The sheep eating an unlimited number of apples may lead to painful bowel disturbances, blockages, or Acidosis as the apples have a high sugar level. 

Can Sheep Eat Apple Cores?

Your sheep can eat the apple cores but ensure you remove all the apple seeds.

Can Sheep Eat Cooked Apples?

Cooked apples are the best for your sheep as they are already soft, and you can easily mash and add them to their diet.

Can sheep Eat Green Apples?

You can feed your sheep different types of apples as long as you keep it moderate.

Can Sheep Eat Crab Apples?

Your sheep can eat crab apples but in a limited amount to avoid triggering any toxin effects. 

Can Sheep Eat Fallen Apples?

If you have an orchard, do not let your sheep in it as they can eat many fallen apples, which may lead to severe health problems.

Wrapping Up

Apples are safe for sheep and have many benefits for their health and functionality. You can include apples in your sheep’s daily diet, but it shouldn’t be a substitute meal.

You can feed your sheep a whole apple if it’s smaller in size, but to avoid choking risks, ensure you cut them into tiny pieces before feeding them. 

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