Easy and fun sheep crafts for kids and preschoolers

Adorable Sheep Crafts for Kids and Preschoolers

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Sheep are fluffy balls of wool that we all adore all year round, especially the lambs. Kids love exploring their imagination, and making sheep crafts is even cuter and better for their motor skills.

And spring has to be the best time for making sheep crafts as it coincides with lambing season. Still, Valentines Day and Easter is always around the corner and you could make these crafts to decorate your home for the season.

For teachers, sheep crafts are educative to make as the learners get to feel different types of textures which is great for their sensory development. That said, here are some of my favorite sheep activities for toddlers.

Easy and fun sheep crafts for kids and preschoolers

Easy sheep crafts for kids they’ll enjoy

1.Save some of your favorite movie snacks to make this edible and simple popcorn sheep craft. It is a unique idea so watch out for the kids, so they only eat some of the material.

easy sheep crafts for preschoolers

2. Spring is around the corner, so shop for some Popsicle sticks to make this cuddly sheep family craft. Use this time to teach them about sheep, how the family grows, and takes care of each other. They will be excited to learn that most lambs are born in Spring.

3. Every time I’m hosting a kid’s party, I love to see them wearing cute headbands.  It often makes me want to think colorful headbands make the party livelier. Check out this cute sheep headband craft template to make simple hats for fun or at a party. Additionally, they are perfect for all ages.


Cute lamb crafts

4. Let the young ones tell an imaginary story from these life-like packing peanut sheep puppets.  Since they stand on wooden Popsicle sticks, you are guaranteed they will not fall off during the hilarious show.

5. Don’t we all love popping bubble wrap? I could spend my entire lifetime popping these bubbles! My kids love bubble wrap too.There’s that satisfaction that comes with popping them’ bubbles. And you know what? You could do more with bubble wrap. Make this popping bubble wrap sheep craft.

6.The pencil eraser-stamped sheep craft is perfect for kids of all ages. It also uses washable paint, meaning cleaning up the workstation, their hands, and clothes after will be a breeze.

7.Cleaning after a craft session can be time consuming. Check out this simple and mess free sheep craft perfect for preschoolers and older children. You’ll be happy to do this craft as it does not require painting. However, if black cups are unavailable, you may need to paint white ones. 

8. Spring is almost here, so get out your yarn/wool so we can make this cute pom pom sheep. Children will love working with wool/yarn as the textures are not what they get to touch every day. You can display their art in the house for spring. Better yet, you can color the wool in different colors and use their pom pom sheep as décor for different occasions.

Valentine’s Day Sheep Crafts 

1.Sewing is likely one of the crafts that’s as old as Valentine’s Day! Don’t go any further if you’re looking for ways to express your love with yarn and sheep inspiration. This sock sheep tutorial will blow your mind—and your loved ones too. 

2. The only thing better than a sheep card is a handmade hand-print sheep card. If you’d like to create memories and make the clock stop for a minute, these hand-print and thumbprint ewe cards will do that for you. 

3. Valentine’s cards are a wonderful gift to receive and even more pleasure to make. Kids make the dandiest cards, and this heart-shaped sheep valentine’s card for mommy is just the cutest. 

4. What do you get when you mix pompoms, love hearts, and sheep? A gorgeous card! Check out this simple woolly Valentine’s card tutorial that the little ones will enjoy making.  

5. Valentine’s day is about spending quality time with our loved ones, and what is better than making and gifting each other woolly Valentine’s cards? These playful, wooly cards keep your creative juices flowing and your loved ones excited. 

6.Sometimes you want something easy and fun to do with the kids. This downloadable pompom valentine’s lamb card PDF is all you need to make a simple but stunning card. 

7. Kids-made crafts make for fabulous wall art. This easy Valentine’s craft is the real deal if you want to make a card that you can hang or even stick on the fridge. 

8. Crafting requires versatility and the ability to have variety. If you want to make cards of different sizes for varied occasions, these small, medium, and large sheep templates will make you very happy. 

9. Although DIYing is supposed to be fun and a learning experience, sometimes you want to have a craft experience that is quick and less messy. Try this printable sheep card that will not require you to clean up much after. 

10.This heart lamb papercraft is superb for younger kids and can be used for different occasions. Follow these simple instructions and easy-to-get materials for unique crafts.

11. Making simple crafts is one of the best ways to help babies develop their motor and hand-eye coordination skills. These simplified sheep crafts are what you need to get those little hands busy and well-developed. 


sheep craft with cotton balls

1.Choose between making a simple and fun 2D or 3D cotton ball sheep craft during the holidays. You only need to buy googly eyes, as the other materials are easy to find at home.

2. Help the young ones learn how to hold a pair of scissors with this easy shearable sheep craft. It’s a simple step by step guide that shows how to cut and regrow the wool by adding more cotton balls, so snip away. If you are teaching preschoolers about farm animals, this is the perfect craft as it’s a bit sturdy and they can enact different farm scenes with it.

3. Spring heralds Easter holidays. If you are looking for Easter crafts to display around the house, try this cardboard sheep craft. Kids over six years will love this detailed sheep craft as it looks like a sheep toy. The adorable little cotton ball also has a real-like face and legs. Adding this to their crafts shelf will be an exciting project.

4. Handprints are the most straightforward and fun craft for preschoolers. Add some creativity by sticking cotton balls on the handprint to turn it into a mini sheep and they now have a cool card to show off to their grandparents during the Easter party. 

Easter lamb Crafts 

1. Did you know you can make a gorgeous craft from cotton balls and a paper cup? It’ll take a few more easy-to-find items, but you can help your kids hone their creativity and motor skills by making this simple cotton ball sheep for Easter

2. Easter is not far from us, seeing how the months fly by. Do you have a few pinecones and wonder how they can help your craft-making venture? Try these stunning pine cone lambs with the little ones. 

3. There’s something beautiful about hand-printed crafts. It’s probably because they serve as little time-freezer as those hands won’t be little for long. Make memories and beautiful Easter crafts with this hand-print lamb tutorial. 

4. Pompoms defy seasons; you can use them whenever you desire. This Easter, how about making this gorgeous pompom sheep Easter craft

5. Motherhood is a rewarding but tedious journey, and a little laughter makes it all worthwhile. How about making a mother’s day card with a little pun? Check out this cute fingerprint sheep card idea for inspiration. 

6. The best thing about paper plates is that they are much more than paper plates. They can be upcycled to make gorgeous crafts, just like this sheep paper plate piece.

7. You could buy a doll from the shop, but if you can make one, that’s even better! Add love and sentimentalism to your baby’s doll collection with this sock sheep doll.  

8. Mary had a little lamb, and you can get one too! Learn how to make these little lamb finger puppets perfect for the Easter basket or a mini-puppet show with the kids. 

9. Cotton balls are one of the most common household odds and ends. You likely have some in a jar somewhere, and it’s time to take them out for a simple cotton balls sheep craft

Paper sheep Crafts For Kids

  1. Have some paper plates left over from the last birthday party? Convert them into a cute paper plate sheep mask and take funny pictures of your toddler. Let them lead the activity to keep their little hands busy.
sheep activities for toddlers

2. Sheep have white or colored wool, but kid’s crafts do not have to be basic. Indulge their imagination and creativity by making this fingerprint sheep craft using various colors. It can make the perfect reminder of a bright and cheery Easter holiday.

3. Crafts are fun for both kids and adults. But movable crafts are double the fun. This craft is great for children because it helps them develop better hand-eye co-ordination. Try this movable sheep paper doll craft . While you make this craft, teach the young ones about sheep and other farm animals.

4. Recycle paper waste by turning it into shredded paper sheep craft activities for the little ones. For that extra pop, you can use plain shredded paper or a mix of texture and print.

5. Help the kids set their sheep on a colorful background to brighten their stamped sheep papercraft. I love the pipe cleaner hack, which adds cute round-shaped wool stamps all over the sheep pattern.

Sheep craft for kids

St. Patrick’s Day Sheep Crafts 

  1. How do you put the whole of Ireland in a little mason jar? By creating a St. Patrick’s day craft inspired by the Irish countryside. Grab some tufts and some rocks for this gorgeous craft.

2. The Irish countryside is decorated with herds upon herds of sheep, and there’s no better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s day than with a sheep craft. This colorful sheep will give you all the ideas you need

3. Kids will almost always be on a gadget at one time or the other. We need to make their screen time creative and engaging. What better way than getting them to make sheep crafts like these eBooks? 

4. It’s been a couple of centuries since St. Patrick landed in Ireland; how about celebrating this day with a couple of cards from way back in the day? Here are some primitive sheep card ideas to start you off.

Mother’s Day Sheep Crafts

1.Kids love to make stuff with their hands, and what better way to exercise the little hands and brains than making these gorgeous sheep cards for mama on mother’s day.

2. Sheep are excellent and cuddly as pets and even better when printed on a card. There’s something gorgeous about the fluffy faces and pink noses printed on a card, especially when that card is for mommy. Get your kids to try out this fun sheep card craft for an inexpensive and heartfelt card for mother’s day. 

3. Are you having a crafty morning and would like to make a lovely mother’s day card for mommy? Well, gather a few googly eyes and get inspiration from this lovely sheep-inspired card.

Halloween Sheep Craft

  1. Halloween doesn’t have to be all skeletons and cobwebs. Your little ones can make these adorable little cotton ball ghosts for the ultimate spooky-in-a-not-so-spooky-way crafts. 

Wrapping Up

Every teacher can tell you the most fun lessons are those spend crafting or doing projects. I have taught and I know my children loved the most crafting lessons. My kids are no different. Anytime I ask them to put their gadgets away for a craft project, they are super excited. If you have kids or are a preschool teacher, try some of these sheep crafts.


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