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Do Sheep Smell Bad?(Can Or Should You Do Something About The Smell?)

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If you have come across sheep before, then you know their distinct smell that isn’t typically pleasant. However, if you haven’t interacted with them, the question that could have popped up in your mind is; do sheep smell bad?

Sometimes sheep smell bad because of the oily and waxy substance (lanolin) they secrete. The secretion gets trapped in the wool and develops a grassy, metallic odor that is somewhat sour and offensive to some people. However, you can employ different methods to control the smell, including fresh air, keeping them clean, dry and healthy, and many more.

These non-violent animals have a unique smell that could make you uncomfortable at first. However, you will get used to it as you gain experience or use the methods discussed in this post to eliminate the stench.

Do sheep smell bad

Do Sheep Smell Bad? (Explained Further)

Sheep, as was previously noted, smell owing to the substance they secrete that gets caught in their wool. The material that coats sheep’s wool fibers and “waterproofs” them is lanolin, sometimes known as “wool fat.”

When you are around sheep, your respiratory system detects the dirt and the lanolin on the wool. If not properly rinsed off after shearing, lanolin and organic vegetative debris (such as grass, dirt, etc.) remain on the wool.

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Before integrating it with other products, you may scour the bulk of the lanolin from the wool without relying on chemicals. Since it has a “sheepy” stench, removing it eliminates practically all the odor.

Even if you treat your wool to eliminate the lanolin, part of the odor may linger. Lanolin is responsible for the sheep’s waterproof coat, thus explaining why the scent is more unpleasant when the wool is damp.

How Much Does It Cost To Control Odor From Sheep?

The cost will vary based on what you need to undertake. Changing your approach to manure management could be beneficial.

Handling sheep manure can be affordable unless you want to use new equipment. Making the proper selections at the outset of a new sheep enterprise can save you big bucks in the long term.

Getting rid of bad smells can take time, but fewer complaints from neighbors will save you money and time in the long run.

How To Control Bad Sheep Smell

Here is how to kill off the pungent sheep smell resulting from lanolin getting trapped in the wool:

Locate a proper site for the sheep

The greater the distance between a sheep enterprise and neighbors, the better.

Odors from such operations frequently follow the same course as water from rainfall. So, a different location may minimize odor complaints.

Keep the sheep clean, dry and healthy

Sheep that are healthy, dry, and clean smell less. On the other hand, dirty and manure-coated ones are less healthy, and animal dust can carry an unpleasant stench.

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Minimize dust

Dust and the odors emanating from cattle activities are connected because dust particles concentrate the stench. In addition, the odor moves with the dust particles blown by the wind.

In the case of sheep, most of the farmland dust is caused by feed, dung, and wool. Therefore, ensure you clean the structures to minimize dust between sheep batches.

sheep in a pen

Dispose off dead sheep properly

Animal carcasses stink. Therefore, normal sheep fatality must be handled carefully for odor management and illness prevention.

Use trees

While experts advise against planting trees too close to structures, wind barriers created by trees placed suitably near a facility can provide a visual barrier and a massive filtering surface for odor management.

Trees will absorb odor vapors and generate turbulence, which disperses the stench. Trees can also help to minimize smells by cooling the space around the building.

How Do You Get Bad Sheep Smell Off Your Hands?

Here are some simple methods for getting rid of sheep odors from your hands:

Rubbing your hands with salt

It is the quickest option to get rid of the odor. First, wet your hands to allow the salt granules to stick. The stench will naturally diminish once you rub and rinse it with water.

Use coffee

coffee powder to get rid of sheep bad smell

To get rid of the odor, gently rub coffee beans or powdered coffee on your hands, as with salt. It may disguise the pungent smell of any strong-smelling substance.

After that, clean your hands using soap and warm water.

Using baking soda and vinegar

If you wish to eliminate pungent odors quickly, especially from sheep, fish, and onions, prepare a baking soda and vinegar paste and massage it over your hands before washing them with water.

Use lemon

Citrus fruits such as lemons have a distinct, pleasant scent. So, just split a lemon in half and massage it on your hands, or squeeze its juice and rub it equally on your palms and fingers. It will soak up all odors, leaving a sweet scent behind.

Use toothpaste

Just as it does for the teeth, toothpaste may help you reduce that strange sheep scent on your hands. Apply a little amount to your palm and massage gently before rinsing with water.

Ensure that you choose a basic white one and avoid using anything like a gel since they’ll be ineffective.

People Also Ask Questions

1. Does wool smell ever go away?

Wet wool usually has a foul stench. However,  the musty odor will go away once you dry it.

To clear out the unpleasant sheep smell, hang the wool item to dry in a sunny location or a well-ventilated area.

2. What do lambs smell like?

Lambs smell fresh and green, almost gamey, with a unique herby perfume mixed in with the usual ‘meat’ aroma. You should be wary if they smell like something else.

3. How do you clean smelly wool?

To clean smelly wool, put one part vinegar in one part water and use the mixture to finish the final rinse of your wool fabric. Squeeze the extra water from your wool clothing softly and hang it on a cloth line to dry.

4. Does sheep manure stink?

Sheep dung is ideal for top-dressing garden beds due to its mild odor. In addition, a garden bed with a high quantity of organic matter drains effectively, houses several earthworms, and has high soil bacterial activity, which nourishes plants.

5. Do sheep smell worse than goats?

Though grown males of both animals emit strong odors, the stench of male sheep is insignificant compared to that of male goats. Nevertheless, wether goats do not stink.

6. How do you get the musty smell out of sheepskin?

One tried-and-true method is to store the fur coat inside a closed cloth bag with an open bag of coffee grounds.

Keep the fur in the coffee grounds-filled bag until the coat loses its musty odor and begins to smell like coffee. It may take anywhere from a day to a week.

Final Thoughts

Aside from answering the question, do sheep smell bad,  I hope this post has given you some insights into what you can do about the stench. It may take effort, but you will eventually remove the sheep scent from your hands and other goods such as rugs, clothing, etc.

Try some of the methods shared in the post to help you get rid of sheep smell in wool, your hands and surroundings.


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