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15 Cute DIY Sheep Costumes Ideas

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Finding inspiration for adorable DIY sheep costumes ideas for Christmas, Halloween, themed birthday parties, and dress-up school show is always daunting. The little one is always sure of what they want, but you, the parent, are having difficulty visualizing it.

Our list of DIY sheep costumes will provide the much-needed inspiration to create the perfect costume. No matter your child’s age or gender, these adorable outfits will have you spoilt for choice.

DIY sheep costume ideas 1

Adorable Homemade Sheep Costume Ideas

DIY Baby lamb costume

Don’t leave out the baby when choosing costumes for the rest of the kids. Special occasions should be a family fun affair, and the photos will forever remind you of these moments.

Get creative and laugh at how this cute baby lamb costume turns out. Also, be patient; getting your baby calm enough to suit them up may take some time. The outfit comes in several delicate pieces, so be extra careful.

We love how you can get a complete set of fluffy awesomeness with minimal sewing. Onesies are just the most practical baby clothes ever!

DIY All-fabric baa baa costume

Have your child help you cut out and put together this cool all-fabric sheep costume that is perfect for pretend play. Not only is it a simple crafts project, but the materials required are affordable and readily available.

The unique thing about this DIY sheep costume is the color. There’s nothing white about it, but the final look is sheepish. Your child will rock their unusual-looking fit with joy in their hearts as they helped make it.

DIY sheep and their little shepherd costume

DIY nativity sheep costumes

If you are looking for the perfect DIY nativity costumes for kids, this is ideal. Still, this is a perfect DIY Halloween sheep costume that your older child and toddler can pair up. Dress the older sibling as the little shepherd and the toddler as the sheep for an adorable combination.

The Sherpa fleece outfit is not only cozy but will be warm enough for your toddler. The plain white fleece patches also stand out, giving the costume the soft baby lamb look and feel.

We especially love the little shepherd outfit due to the pale brown colored fleece robe and white muslin head cover. The color contrast is striking, and what a sweet pair they make!

DIY Mommy and Me sheep costume

Go all out to create this fantastic DIY mommy and me sheep costume for you and your little one. Although they both require some sewing and dyeing, the clothing items are easy to find and alter.

Pick out any vibrant colors you like and bring life to the party. You and the baby will make such a cute pair that you will be glad you chose this outfit.

The extra fluff and bows on the DIY baby sheep costume add to the glamorous shepherdess and little lamb’s adorable look.

DIY Green sheep costume

Well, in children’s imaginative world, sheep come in various colors. The DIY sheep costumes ideas brings to life a character from a well-loved children’s book. The beauty of this costume is that you will use old items that you can find lying around the house.

People will probably have fun discovering the story behind this unusual color sheep costume. Your child may even be lucky to get extra candy from the tail, which is equally enjoyable as the costume.

DIY sheep-to-cow costume

Kill two birds with one stone with this DIY sheep costume that you can easily convert into a cow costume. Now you won’t have to worry about having different costumes for Halloween and the end-year nativity show at school.

Although the costume requires strong fabric glue, which can be pretty costly, the overall costs saved for a second outfit are worth it. We particularly love the cute DIY headband, which will turn heads as it is the perfect hair accessory.

DIY knit sheep costume

For knitting fans, this costume requires a head bonnet with cute floppy sheep ears. However, for the rest of us who want it more straightforward, felt should be easy to cut out and stitch together.

The white tutu skirt adds a soft feminine look to the costume, perfect for another event.

DIY chenille lamb costume

Although it is a simple outfit, the tunic for this costume requires a lot of altering and sewing. However, the socks over the shoes hack is simple and surprisingly functional.

Diy no-sew sheep costume

Transforming everyday wear into something cool has never been this much fun! You only need to shop for a few essential and affordable clothing items. You can get these in any local clothing store, including thrift outlets, and turning them into a costume is even simpler.

The outfit consists of a pair of black leggings, a black long-sleeved top or shirt, and a white sleeveless zip-up hoodie. You will also need a black felt fabric, several packs of large cotton balls, and a hot glue gun. Consider heavy cotton or fleece for that chilly night for the leggings and top.

The final look is adorable, and you will love the soft yet warm kid lamb look. Once it’s complete, enjoy the satisfaction you will get from effortlessly pulling off this superb DIY sheep costumes ideas.

DIY Sheep Costume for kids

DIY Shaun the sheep costume

Use only cotton balls and a hot glue gun to transform a plain white sleeveless hoodie into an instant costume. Although the materials are affordable, the overall look may require a lot more cotton balls for a neat finish.

DIY batting black sheep costume

A set of black pajamas bring to life this cuddly sheep costume that uses batting for the wool look. We particularly love how cute the stocking cap turns out, and the extra floppy ears will turn heads.

DIY All-sew sheep costume

The fancy sheep costume requires fewer cotton balls as you sew them on randomly. However, it is time-consuming as it may take over 2 hours of your time, unlike gluing. Sewing also has a neater overall finish, and your child can reuse the items.

DIY cuddly black sheep costume

Nothing is cuter than a baby in their first Halloween costume out of basic supplies. Stick a few large cotton balls onto the front of the outfit and the hat for this complete and adorable set.

DIY couture sheep costume

A lamb costume for a stylish little girl with a classy finish and look. You may spend well over 100 dollars on this costume, which may be costly. However, your little one with love the soft feel and look.

DIY adult sheep costume

Who said adults couldn’t dress up for Halloween or for any sheep themed party? Blend in with the little ones with this easy-to-put-together adult sheep costume. You may not pull off this look, but you should get extra candy for being daring.


Making DIY sheep costumes is simple and allows you to use your imagination. So get creative and make your little ones stand out during Halloween, a school costume party, or a Christmas play.


Adorable sheep costume Ideas

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