Simple DIY Mobile sheep shelters

15 Super Cool DIY Mobile Sheep Shelter Ideas ( With Pictures!!)

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Every farmer knows that loving their animals means providing shelter, food, water, and medical care. With the sudden weather changes, providing DIY mobile sheep shelters for your flock is essential, especially in the pasture.

Whether you have a small or large farm, portable sheep shelters provide much-needed shade and protection.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on DIY mobile sheep structures. Here are some practical structures for your livestock all of which are DIY.

Simple DIY Mobile sheep shelters

Portable Sheep Shelters You Can Build

DIY tarp cover portable livestock shelter

DIY mobile sheep shelter

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This DIY portable sheep shelter is perfect for your flock especially when it’s hot. Using a reflective tarp is smart, as you can locate it anywhere across a large field. It is also the perfect size to cover several sheep from varying weather elements.

DIY small-scale movable sheep shelter

Portable sheep shelter ideas


Putting together a small field shelter for sheep doesn’t have to be complicated. The DIY project is excellent for small-scale sheep farms, and the cost of building it is quite fair.

And the best thing about it, you can paint it in your favorite color. Or make it an activity for your and the kids which will occupy them for a while.

DIY Iron roof and pallet siding portable shelter

DIY movable sheep shelter


Save wood costs by building this pallet and corrugated iron sheets DIY mobile sheep shelter. Additionally, you can conveniently transport and assemble it later in the field by first putting together the large parts.

DIY simple wire panel portable sheep shelter

small field shelter for sheep

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Like you, sheep need a few minutes to cool down, especially during summer. The simple mobile shelter by Fairhope farm will provide temporary shade out in the yard.

However, consider using a heavier base for windy days and tightly tying the tarp so it does not blow off.

DIY Sheep Pallet Shelter

how to make a shelter for sheep

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You probably have pallets in your homestead. If you don’t, they are cheap to get and you can quickly put together a DIY mobile sheep shelter just like this one.

And the good thing is that you can entirely construct this on your own with no help at all. Check out this guide on how to make a sheep shelter out of pallets.

Temporary T-post and Wedge-Loc sheep shelter

sheep field shelter

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The Collie farm shows how to construct a temporary shelter for your sheep to hang out from the rain or sun.

A muddy field is no fun; this one provides your flock with a dry spot that you can easily relocate along the fence. The only downside to this shed is the cost, as the materials can be quite expensive.

2-wheel sheep field shelter

Sometimes, it can be tedious having to tow around portable sheep shelters, especially on large farms. We love this 2-wheel mobile sheep shelter by Tree Farm Design Co. as it allows one to wheel it into place conveniently.

Temporary tarp sheep shelter

Imagine spending less than $100 on a sheep shelter that works. The basic tarp shelter by High Mountain Homestead is easy to set up.

However, you may need to take it down frequently as the tarp may not withstand strong winds or heavy rain.

DIY mobile lamb shelter

Lambing season can be overwhelming, especially on a large farm. The mobile lamb shelter by Back to the Land is perfect for protecting your baby sheep from harsh weather elements. Besides, the sturdy materials mean they will last a few years.

All-pallet portable sheep shelter

Wondering how to make a sheep shelter out of pallets? Check out this YouTube video on self-building an all-pallet mobile sheep shelter.

Painting the structure adds to the aesthetics and overall look, but you can keep the natural wood finish to avoid re-painting.

2-in-1 small field shelter for sheep

Provide that extra comfort to your sheep by building this creative 2-in-1 simple sheep shelter by Justin Rhodes.

It provides shade while acting as a feeder with a water bucket attached to one end. The two large wheels also make it easy to move around.

Easy build movable sheep shelter

Sheep farming is a family affair, as shown by The Mac’s. Their two young children had a hand in building and moving this simple small field shelter for sheep. The lightweight wood and plastic sheeting mean it is economical and surprisingly functional.

DIY Slopping roof portable sheep shelter

The rainy season does not mean you cannot let your sheep roam the farm. With this portable sheep shelter by The Grass-fed Homestead, you can provide shade from light downpours all day. Their pro tip is to slant the angle of the roof to allow rainwater to run off.

DIY Snow load and UV-resistant mobile sheep shelter

Durability is crucial when building any livestock shelter. At just slightly under 400 dollars, this portable sheep shelter by Bearly Homesteading is sturdy and ideal for all seasons. The canvas tarp is heavy-duty, which is an excellent choice for long-term use.

DIY OSB board mobile sheep shelter

If you are low on cash and still require shelter for lambs, then this OSB board shelter by Keeping It Dutch is excellent.

Not only is it affordable and simple to construct, but it will serve the purpose, and replacing the sides is cheaper.

DIY small logs mobile sheep shelter

Do you have sheep roaming free all over the field? Then you do not have to herd them around all day. Instead, build this portable small log shelter for them by Penderosa Hollow Farm. They built it using logs from their property, saving hundreds of dollars.


You don’t have to build a plain shelter for your sheep. Include a feeder and water source in your DIY mobile sheep shelter. Your sheep will stay warm and fed if they spend more hours outdoors on a bad weather day. Also, try using more recyclable materials, as some shelters may be temporary.


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