Can Sheepskin Rug Be Used As A Blanket

Can Sheepskin Rug Be Used As A Blanket?

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A sheepskin rug is a sheep’s skin with wool fibers intact. It usually has to go through a tanning process to permanently attach the fleece to the skin. Can sheepskin rug be used as a blanket?

Yes, you can use a sheepskin rug as a blanket to keep your family and pets safe and comfortable in the cold winter months.

Ways To Use A Sheepskin Rug As A Blanket

When you hear the word ‘rug,’ you automatically think about the floor. While sheepskin rugs make excellent floor coverings, they offer a broad range of options for a creative homeowner. You can use a sheepskin rug in your home as a blanket. It can serve the role of duvet or comforter.

Sheepskin rug is soft and durable and will bring warmth to any part of your home, from the bedroom to the lounge and even the bathroom.

Can Sheepskin Rug Be Used As A Blanket

The Benefits of Using Sheepskin Rug as A Blanket

As mentioned above, sheepskin rugs make great blankets. Sheepskin blanket offers numerous benefits besides being eye candy and a delight to touch. Here are some amazing benefits of using a sheepskin rug as a blanket.

They are hypoallergenic

If you have sensitive skin and easily get rashes, you’ll be happy to know that sheepskin is safe for you. Sheepskin is considered hypoallergenic, meaning a sheepskin blanket is relatively unlikely to trigger your allergies.

Lanolin, a natural oil found in organic sheepskin, helps repel water, dust mites, bacteria, and other potential allergens. You don’t have to worry about waking up with red and itchy skin when you use a sheepskin blanket.

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They are breathable

Sheepskin is breathable. This means air can flow in and out through openings of the fiber. This property makes sheepskin ideal for a blanket.

While you may think of sheepskin blankets as something you may only need during winter, they are great in the summer, too. A sheepskin blanket will keep you cool in the sweltering summer temperatures.

They are durable

One of the things homeowners love most about sheepskin products is their durability. Sheepskin rugs are incredibly durable. A sheepskin blanket will last a lifetime if you care for it properly.

You can rely on the dirt-resistant properties of organic sheepskin to get the most out of your sheepskin blanket. You can easily spot clean light soiling, and small stains using a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

They are sustainable

Sheepskin pelt is a by-product that would otherwise end up in a landfill. That means no animal is slaughtered solely for its skin.

Upcycling these products into comfy sheepskin blankets is more sustainable than raising sheep solely for their wool and nothing else.

How Does Sheepskin Regulate Body Temperature?

The wool in sheepskin blankets can regulate temperature to help keep you warm when it’s too cold and reduce heat when it’s too hot. Sheepskin’s natural temperature-regulating properties mean it can be used as a blanket all year round.

How does sheepskin regulate temperature? The secret lies in wool’s active fibers that react to changes in body temperature. The hollow fibers in the wool on natural sheepskin allow fresh air to flow, keeping you cool and comfortable on hot summer nights.

When the temperature drops and your body gets cold, the active fibers in your sheepskin blanket actively work to retain body heat. They are super handy in areas with temperatures that fluctuate throughout the year.

Do Sheepskin Blankets Shed?

It’s natural to worry about shedding when dealing with organic sheepskin. After all, it’s natural skin from a sheep. You need to know that it’s normal for the natural hide to shed some fur, and they all do.

Expect a bit of shedding in the first month or so after purchasing a new sheepskin blanket. No need to worry, though. You can alleviate the shedding after the first installation by brushing and vacuuming.

Sheepskin Blanket Maintenance Tips

If you want your sheepskin blanket to last long, you must take good care of it. Fortunately, sheepskin as a fabric is not very demanding in that aspect. Sheepskin blankets, for instance, are extremely easy to care for.

Sheepskin’s dirt-resistant properties ensure that it’s super easy to keep clean. Here’s what you need to do to take care of your sheepskin blankie:

  • Weekly vacuuming using a plan suction vacuum
  • Immediately spot clean minor stains with a damp cloth
  • Give your rug/blanket a vigorous shake outside now and then

Sheepskin Vs. Wool Blankets: Which Is Better?

Both sheepskin and wool come from sheep. Wool is the fine, wavy soft hair that forms the coat of sheep and is sheared off the animal yearly. On the other hand, sheepskin is the actual skin stripped off the slaughtered sheep. The wool remains attached to the skin.

A blanket made from these materials will keep you warm and cozy in the winter. However, sheepskin is preferred for blankets because it has more fiber and is softer than wool.

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What’s The Difference Between Sheepskin and Lambskin Blankets?

When shopping for sheepskin fabrics such as blankets, throws, and rugs, you’ll come across products marketed as ‘lambskin.’ Don’t be confused; they are the same thing in that they both originate from sheep.

The only difference between lambskin and sheepskin is the age of the sheep. The latter is derived from older sheep and tends to be longer. The former comes from younger lambs and is shorter — because the animal hasn’t had much time to grow.

Are Sheepskin Blankets Available in Large Sizes?

Sheep are relatively small animals. Their hide is not large enough for a large blanket, right? Not quite. Smaller hides can be sewn together to make a blanket of any size.

As a result, sheepskin blankets are available in a broad size range. Whether looking for an oversized blanket of any dimension or a smaller throw blanket for occasional use, you can’t go wrong with sheepskin.


Uses of sheepskin rugs are unlimited. You can even use a sheepskin rug as a blanket. Sheepskin rugs are unbelievably warm, cozy, and soft, making them perfect for a blanket. A sheepskin blanket will also add a touch of luxury to your home.


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