Can you feed sheep celery

Can Sheep Eat Celery? (Things You Must Know Before Feeding Them)

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If you have asked yourself, can sheep eat celery? The short answer is yes. Sheep are fascinating animals. Besides their incredibly docile nature, they tend to eat almost every plant on their path.

Celery, like most leafy green vegetables, is not only high in water content but provides abundant health benefits. Humans especially love the freshness, taste, and nutritional benefits that come with including celery in their diet. Likewise, occasionally feeding your sheep celery is fine, as long as they enjoy them.

However, before rushing to your local food market for a truckload, you should consider a few things.

Can you feed sheep celery

Can celery poison Sheep?

Celery will not poison your sheep. Hay is the main diet for sheep. It provides all the necessary nutrients besides the occasional animal salt feeds and plenty of drinking water.

Nevertheless, treating them with other food sources, such as celery vegetables, will not poison them. Most plants and vegetables are not toxic to sheep, although they may cause stomach discomfort if consumed in excess.

Sheep are ruminants, meaning they have four stomach chambers, the rumen, abomasum, reticulum, and omasum. Sheep also chew the cud, a process where they regurgitate their food and chew it further to help digestion.

As a result, hay provides the necessary rations of daily roughage required for optimum digestion. However, feeding them excess plant alternatives can cause digestion upsets, so do it from time to time in small portions.

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Nutritional benefits of feeding Sheep celery

Raw celery contains plenty of nutritional benefits for sheep. It is an excellent source of fiber, minerals, and vitamins. In addition, 95% of celery is water, making it an ideal vegetable for proper hydration in dry areas.

According to Nutrition Data, here’s a breakdown of the nutritional components in a single serving of raw celery. A single serving, in this case, is about 100 grams, or two whole celery stalks.

  • Protein: Approx. 1 g
  • Dietary Fiber: 1.8 g
  • Vitamin A: 494 IU
  • Vitamin C: 3.4 mg
  • Vitamin K: 32.3 mcg
  • Foliate: 39.6 mcg
  • Calcium: 44 mg
  • Potassium: 286 mg
  • Manganese: 0.1 mg
  • Sodium: 88 mg
  • Water: 105 g

Celery is rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, and phenolic acids, which help improve the overall health of sheep. Furthermore, they will strengthen their immune system and gain body strength.

The protein in celery is essential as it helps with the sheep’s growth and energy levels. Although celery contains coumarin, a compound that lowers damage from free radicals, high levels may be toxic to sheep. Therefore, give celery to sheep in small quantities to prevent any negative impact on their health.

Another downside to feeding plenty of celery to sheep is the high water content, which affects their appetite. As a result, the sheep may fail to eat the recommended daily hay intake and, therefore, miss out on essential nutrients.

In addition, poor nutrition will weaken the sheep’s immune system making them susceptible to nutrition-related diseases.

Can sheep eat celery stalks?

The entire celery plant, leaves, and stalks can be fed to sheep. Their nutritional components supplement their daily forage keeping the sheep healthy.

Feed your sheep fresh or wilted celery, cut up in small bits to prevent choking. Avoid feeding sheep rotten celery stalks or leaves with mold, as they can cause health complications.

Can you feed your sheep-cooked celery?

Cooked celery is also suitable for sheep. However, avoid feeding your flock overcooked vegetables as they lack proper nourishment.

Instead, steam them slightly to retain their flavor and nutritional content. Additionally, do not season the celery as some additives may cause stomach upset and animal indigestion.

How often should sheep eat celery?

Although it is safe for sheep to eat celery, you should offer it occasionally as a treat, not daily food.

Celery has a high water content, which, consumed in plenty, can fill the sheep’s stomachs leading to a loss of appetite. Therefore, maintain the sheep’s primary diet and give a few bunches of celery as treats every few days.

Can lambs eat celery?

Lambs can eat celery, but once they are weaned off the mother’s milk and introduced to grains and hay. When born, lambs drink milk exclusively for the first four weeks as it provides the best nourishment.

By the 6th week, they should be able to nibble on a few solid foods besides taking milk. Once they mature enough to eat hay or forage daily, you can introduce celery and other vegetables in bits. Remember to cut up any vegetables you feed your lambs for easy chewing.

Is it ok to feed sheep celery

How to introduce celery to your sheep’s diet

To feed your sheep celery, sort out the raw vegetables to throw away any rotten or moldy ones. Next, clean the leaves and stalks thoroughly.

Preferably under running water to remove any soil, insects, or leftover dirt from the farm. Lastly, cut up the celery stalks and leaves into small size cubes that are easy to chew to prevent choking.

For cooked celery, chop up the vegetables before cooking them. Also, ensure the vegetables do not have seasoning and are cooled down before feeding the sheep.

Any vegetables you offer your sheep should also be free from pesticides. Finally, remember celery is only suitable for sheep as an occasional treat and should be eaten in moderation.

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What can I do if my sheep do not like celery?

Introducing new vegetables or food supplements besides hay to your sheep does not mean they will like them.

For example, if your sheep dislike celery, cooked or raw, do not feed them anymore. Instead, find another vegetable the sheep may like to eat as a treat, such as carrots.

Can I substitute whole celery with celery juice to feed sheep?

You can give sheep, especially lambs, celery juice. Although it is not common to find farmers blending the vegetables, they are safe for sheep if you do.

However, ensure the liquid is pure celery and does not contain other additives.

Lambs have an underdeveloped digestion system before they are weaned off their mother’s milk.

Once they begin eating solid food, you can try giving them celery juice in small quantities to prevent gastrointestinal issues.


Sheep can eat celery as it provides extra nutritional benefits they may lack in their regular diet. In addition, the water content in celery is especially beneficial for sheep in dry areas or summer. However, if your sheep have an ongoing stomach issue such as bloating or diarrhea, do not feed them celery.

Introducing vegetables to sheep with gastrointestinal issues can worsen the condition. Instead, always offer celery as a treat in moderation to healthy sheep.

Celery should never be given as an alternative to the sheep’s primary food: hay, foliage, or grains. The health of your sheep depends on proper diet and nutrition.


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